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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Gambino crime family member gets 11 years | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/30/2010

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Gambino crime family member gets 11 years | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/30/2010: "high-ranking member of the Gambino crime family was sentenced Friday to 11 years in prison for his involvement in an illegal gambling operation and multiple fraud schemes, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.
Andrew Merola, also known as Andrew Knapnik, 43, with residences in East Hanover and Toms River, N.J., had pleaded guilty to a federal racketeering conspiracy charge.
He admitted running an illegal gambling operation, extortion, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, receiving unlawful labor payments or bribes, and other racketeering acts.
Merola also was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Stanley R. Chesler to three years of supervised release, and ordered to forfeit $100,000 and pay $161,481 in restitution."

Jack Tweed's new Essex bar was reportedly set on fire in the early hours of Friday morning.

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Jack Tweed's new Essex bar was reportedly set on fire in the early hours of Friday morning.

The Sun reports that Deuces, co-owned by The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright, was targeted in a turf war between local gangs.

A brick was allegedly thrown through the window and the venue set alight just hours after a pre-launch party was filmed for the ITV2 reality show.

Police are treating the blaze as "suspicious". A source said: "We think it is maybe a gang that has targeted other bars in the Essex area. We believe it could be part of a gangland territory war."

"I am extremely disappointed. Jack is gutted," Wright added.

The report claims that the pair are hoping to open the bar next week.

'Dodgy' Dave's tales from a life of crime - Shields Gazette

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'Dodgy' Dave's tales from a life of crime - Shields Gazette: "FORMER notorious criminal – said to have inspired the classic gangster movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – is set to provide some verbal fireworks on Bonfire Night in South Tyneside.

'Dodgy' Dave Courtney will talk about his life of crime when he appears at High Lane Social Club, High Lane Row, Hebburn, on November 5.

A planned visit to Tyneside last year was cancelled after Courtney was arrested, but later cleared, of firearm charges.

London-born Courtney, who has starred in several gangster-related movies and documentaries and written several books about his life and times, rose to fame in 1995 when he was asked to arrange security for the funeral of infamous East End gangster Ronnie Kray."

Ryle 'not target' of gangster assassins - National News, Frontpage -

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Ryle 'not target' of gangster assassins - National News, Frontpage - "gangsters who killed Robert Ryle had been intending to assassinate another man, it is believed.
Ryle (30) was not the original target of the hit, which gardai suspect was ordered by a notorious gangland boss.
The gun victim died yesterday morning in hospital after losing a three-day fight for his life. Ryle, from Blackditch Road, Ballyfermot, was blasted five times on Foxdene Avenue in Clondalkin shortly before 8.40pm on Sunday.
It is believed his death is linked to a bloody feud between two gangs based in the Bally- fermot area. Brothers Kenneth (32) and Paul Corbally (35) from Ballyfermot were gunned down last June in the dispute.
Ryle, who was an associate of the Corballys, had been driven to Foxdene Avenue by a woman friend on Sunday evening.
When he stepped out of the car to walk up a driveway, he was confronted by a masked gunman, who shot him in the head, neck and upper body."

Sal Vitale, the Good-Looking Ex-Gangster, Gets His Walking Papers From Judge - New York News - Runnin' Scared

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Sal Vitale, the Good-Looking Ex-Gangster, Gets His Walking Papers From Judge - New York News - Runnin' Scared: "Good Looking Sal Vitale -- the mob informant whose back pages made the front page of the New York Times this morning -- just proved an old rule: When they have you dead to rights, it's always best to confess all.
Vitale, 62, who copped to 11 separate murders committed in furtherance of his gangster oath and helped put away more than 50 of his former Mafia brethren including a brother in law, was sentenced this afternoon to time served by federal judge Nicholas Garaufis in Brooklyn.
In Good Looking Sal's case, this means that he's already completed his sentence which amounts to the eight years he's spent in prison since he was nabbed for a single slaying back in 2002. Oh, he'll also have to do five years on supervised release, which is a lot like probation."

Former Bonanno Family gangster Salvatore Vitale sprung from jail after ratting out fellow mobsters

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Former Bonanno Family gangster Salvatore Vitale sprung from jail after ratting out fellow mobsters: "Former top Bonanno gangster Salvatore (Good Looking Sal) Vitale, who admitted to 11 gangland murders, was sprung from prison Friday as a reward for helping the feds jail 51 mobsters.
Vitale expressed deep remorse for his life of crime and wept as Judge Nicholas Garaufis pronounced him a free man - to the extent someone in witness protection can truly be free.
'He will live the balance of his life as a notorious and endangered prisoner in a cell of his own creation, targeted by the very criminal organization of which he was once a leader,' Garaufis said."

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Gangster bully who planned killing of beautiful teen - News - getreading - Reading Post

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Gangster bully who planned killing of beautiful teen - News - getreading - Reading Post: "Gulamyr Akhter was a self-proclaimed teenage gangster who would prowl Cemetery Junction smoking cannabis with his gang.
The 19-year-old, who was jailed for life on Friday for murdering his ex-girlfriend Asha Muneer, was part of a group calling itself the Junction Soljaz.
Killer carried out 'deliberate execution' says Judge
With his street name Raks, Akhter was said to be a violent bully who had no respect for women and who made other people’s lives a misery while a student at Bulmershe School in Woodley.
‘Working to tackle the problems in Pakistani community’
A parent of a child who went to school with Akhter, who did not want to be named, said: “He was always trouble that boy. He was very, very unpleasant and would pick on girls in particular."

Untouchable underworld bosses are being targeted in a major operation to smash organised crime

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Police 'ganging up on gangs' to bring down underworld bosses - Manchester Evening News: "Untouchable underworld bosses are being targeted in a major operation to smash organised crime.

Police have teamed up with more than 20 agencies to 'gang up on the gangs' – and attack them at all levels.

The operation is using sophisticated intelligence to identify and take action against seemingly legitimate businesses that are helping dozens of crime syndicates across Salford hide cash generated by drug trafficking, protection rackets and robbery.

Every aspect of the lives of suspected gang bosses – including their business interests, benefits and associates – are being investigated with a fine-toothed comb to disrupt their criminal activities.

And gangsters who have fled abroad are being traced thanks to intelligence-sharing partnerships with European police.

The team is even appealing to the public to shop flash crooks who drive expensive cars and flaunt their money.

Senior officers in Greater Manchester Police said 'pulling on the threads of minor offences' was helping identify and dismantle entire gangs."

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Gangster haunted by killer’s ghost | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

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Gangster haunted by killer’s ghost | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News: "Sammy 'The Bear' Ralston wants council bosses to rehouse him - because he's being haunted by the ghost of a gangster pal.
Homeless Ralston, 47, was given killer Gary Moore's old flat but now wants out over claims the dead hardman is spooking him.
The ex-con - who has spent a total of 27 years behind bars - moved into the one-bedroom tower block pad in Cranhill, Glasgow, during the summer.
But he has now met with housing bosses to plead for a new home after telling them he can't stay there any longer.
Last night Ralston said: 'Gary was a great friend. But if he was terrifying when he was alive, believe you me he's a lot more scary dead.'
Police are still probing the sudden death of twisted Moore, 47, who was found slumped in his home in August.
He had moved out of the flat into temporary accommodation shortly before his death - and Ralston was allocated the flat. Ralston - who took part in the infamous Peterhead jail rooftop riot - said: 'I loved Gary like a brother, and I mourned when he died. But a few days after I moved into his old place, I started sensing I was not alone.
'I felt myself being followed around and, when I saw the outline of someone in the dark, it was Gary."

Gangster Domenyk Noonan cleared of Stockport hotel rape

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BBC News - Gangster Domenyk Noonan cleared of Stockport hotel rape: "Domenyk Noonan, 45, who was sentenced to nine and half years for firearms offences in 2005, was accused of rape less than three months after being released on licence.
However, prosecutors told Minshull Street Crown Court there was 'no longer a realistic prospect' of securing a conviction against him.
Noonan, also known as Lattlay-Fottfoy, is being held at HMP Manchester.
His solicitor, Elaine Moloney, said he would be released after a parole board hearing.
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: 'In this instance, we have recently received further evidence which, after careful consideration, leads us to believe that there is no longer a realistic prospect of securing a conviction.
'As such, the decision has been taken to drop all charges against this defendant.'"

Turkish gangster jailed indefinitely for machine gun ambush (From Haringey Independent)

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Turkish gangster jailed indefinitely for machine gun ambush (From Haringey Independent): "Yusuf Arslan, 20, a decorator, of Oxford Close, Edmonton, targeted the two men as they drove in Lansdowne Road just before midnight on September 20 last year.
He blocked their path with a silver Vauxhall Corsa before firing at the pair as they sat in their vehicle. One of them was shot in the arm.
Arslan, described by police as a dangerous individual, fled the scene but officers from Operation Trident, the Met's specialist unit for gun crime, tracked him down and he was arrested a week later.
He denied any knowledge of the shooting and was released on bail while investigations continued.
Despite being under investigated by police, Arslan was stopped by police in Ferry Lane, near Tottenham Hale station, and found with another gun and wearing a bullet-proof vest.
The pair had been trailed by police after leaving a Walthamstow massage parlour in a taxi booked using false names and had asked the driver to chauffeur them across different locations in Tottenham.
Suspicious they were being followed, Arslan's companion, Emre Kamalak, 24, of Chesthunte Road, tried to toss a bag from the car window which was later found to contain a loaded Brocock Snubnose revolver converted to fire live rounds."

Saturday, 23 October 2010

national president of the Outlaws motorcycle gang and three of his associates from the Carolinas are on trial

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The national president of the Outlaws motorcycle gang and three of his associates from the Carolinas are on trial in Virginia on racketeering and other charges.

Jury selection began Wednesday for Jack Rosga of Milwaukee, Wis.; Leslie Werth of Rock Hill; William Davey of Asheville and Mark Spradling of Hickory.

Rosga is the leader of what federal prosecutors call a highly organized criminal enterprise responsible for a number of violent acts aimed at gaining an advantage over the rival Hell's Angels.

The gang feud even prompted police in 1999 to "shut down" the Rock Hill Toy Run, a charity toy drive headed by local bikers that donated toys, food and money to needy families.

Twenty-seven American Outlaw Association motorcycle gang members were indicted in June. One was shot to death as federal agents tried to arrest him in Maine. Fifteen have entered guilty pleas, charges against one were dropped, and six others will be tried later.

Two of the 27 arrested were from Rock Hill: Michael "M&M" Mariaca, 50, who authorities say is president of the Rock Hill Outlaws Chapter, and Werth, 47, who authorities say is vice president of the Rock Hill Outlaws Chapter.

The Outlaws are accused of assaulting gang members in bars - including one in Rock Hill - and at motorcycle shows from Waterbury, Conn., to Daytona, Fla., to mark their territory and fight a war against their chief rivals, the Hell's Angels.

During the raid this summer, the Rock Hill Police Department assisted Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents in executing a search warrant at the Outlaws' clubhouse east of downtown.

Read more:

Vancouver gangster and convicted killer Gurmit Singh Dhak was executed Saturday

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Vancouver gangster and convicted killer Gurmit Singh Dhak was executed Saturday, three years after he was wounded inside a Kitsilano restaurant.

Dhak, 32, was sitting inside his luxury SUV in the parking lot of Burnaby’s Metrotown mall at about 5:50 p.m. when his killer caught up with him.

Cpl. Dale Carr of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said Dhak was alone in the black BMW, though others told The Vancouver Sun that his wife and kids were nearby.

“The shopping centre was open at the time of the shooting, however there were very few shopping patrons in the parking lot at the time of the incident,” Carr said.

He said the murder appears “very targeted.”

Dhak was shot in the face, which is often the mark of a professional hit.

Read more:

Collection of personal items that belonged to gangster twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray has sold for more than £20,000 at auction.

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Collection of personal items that belonged to gangster twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray has sold for more than £20,000 at auction.

They include a misspelt letter from Ronnie, who reveals delight at being contacted by Cliff Richard.

He writes from Brixton prison to biographer John Pearson: “I had a verry nice letter from Cliff Ritchards. It was marvoulas of him.” The sale was held in Lewes, East Sussex, yesterday.

Winnipeg street gangster has been sentenced to four years in prison for his part in abducting and beating a fellow gang member’s mother.

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Winnipeg street gangster has been sentenced to four years in prison for his part in abducting and beating a fellow gang member’s mother.

Michael Brandon Williams, 29, previously pleaded guilty to kidnapping and aggravated assault.

“This was a completely senseless and horrific attack on a woman who ... was targeted because of something her son was involved in,” Crown attorney Carla Dewar told court Thursday.

Williams and two other members of the Mad Cowz street gang attacked the woman, a South African immigrant, in February 2007, telling her she owed them $10,000 for “protecting” her son while he was in jail.

The 43-year-old woman had been looking for her missing son when she came across co-accused Corey Amyotte, who claimed to have seen him.

Amyotte lured her to a West End house where he, Williams and another accused beat her with a pipe, a dumbbell, and the butt of a gun.

The men shoved the woman into a car and drove her to the restaurant where she worked. The woman convinced her attackers to stay in the car while she went inside to get them some money. The woman ran straight through the restaurant, flagged down a passing motorist and escaped.

“She had moved to Canada to get away from violence,” Dewar said. “She had come to what she thought was a safe country and now doesn’t believe any place will be safe for her.”

The woman’s son remains in custody on drug charges.

Justice Jeffrey Oliphant gave Williams double credit of 34 months for time served, reducing his remaining sentence to 14 months.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Arrests of high-ranking members in the UN Gang and the Red Scorpions has left a power vacuum in Abbotsford

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Gang instability in Abbotsford opens lucrative market: "Arrests of high-ranking members in the UN Gang and the Red Scorpions has left a power vacuum in Abbotsford that other organized crime organizations are exploiting, police are saying.
Drug warrants executed by the Abbotsford Police Department the last week of September netted more than $80,000 in drugs and cash and four individuals with ties to the Duhre group, a gang APD Const. Ian MacDonald described as 'resurgent,' and that did not have vested interests in the community in previous years.
Investigators had been gathering intelligence on the group's operations in Abbotsford for more than 12 months, MacDonald said, adding that anyone reading a newspaper would know Abbotsford was ripe for muscling in on.
'I think they seized an opportunity,' MacDonald said"

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

“Wolf-Like” Street Gang Gay-Bashing Rampage In New York « Unfinished Lives

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“Wolf-Like” Street Gang Gay-Bashing Rampage In New York « Unfinished Lives: "Members of the Latin King Goonies, a street gang based in the Bronx, went on the attack last week to brutalize men they perceived to be gay, including a 17-year-old allegedly sodomized with the wooden handle of the toilet plunger. The New York Daily News reports that seven members of the Goonies were arrested, ranging in ages from 16- to 23-years-old. At least two other gang members are being sought by police in connection with the homophobic series of crimes. ”These suspects employed terrible, wolf-pack odds of nine against one, odds which revealed them as predators whose crimes were as cowardly as they were despicable,” Ray Kelly, Police Commissioner for New York City told reporters for the News. Throughout the attacks, the suspects shouted homophobic slurs at their victims. According to The Advocate, the suspects allegedly ran amok after learning that one of their new gang initiates, a 17-year-old, was a gay. They kidnapped and tortured a 30-year-old man believed to be the lover of the Goonies pledge, sadistically forcing the youth to burn his friend with lit cigarettes. The victim was also beaten with a chain, forced to chug large amounts of an alcohol-laced energy drink called Four Loko, and then was sodomized with a small baseball bat."

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Most wanted criminal Sick Mick arrested in Costa drug raid -

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Most wanted criminal Sick Mick arrested in Costa drug raid - "Shootings suspect held in Spain

One of Britain's most wanted men Michael Farrell has been captured in Spain.
The 22-year-old dubbed Sick Mick, who has been linked to a series of violent robberies and is suspected of a string of shootings, fled last April after he was charged with burglary.
Detectives believe he joined a gang smuggling cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy to the party isle of Ibiza - and he was among 12 alleged felons held by the Spanish Guardia Civil and the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency on the Costa Blanca two weeks ago.
Farrell, also believed to have once sprayed a car with bullets while riding a scrambler bike in a running street battle, was last night in a cell in Alicante where a decision will be made on the charges he will face."

Friday, 8 October 2010

Lil Wayne Put Into Solitary Confinement | Rants n Reviews

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Lil Wayne Put Into Solitary Confinement | Rants n Reviews: "Lil Wayne is being sent to an isolation cell this week for smuggling an iPod and headphones into prison back in May.
Weezy has another month at Rikers Island before his scheduled release and he'll spend the rest of that time in a small cell for 23 hours a day.
When asked how he feels about the punishment, Weezy responded, 'Yeahh. Hey hey hey. Bang bang, bitch. Money money money.'"

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Gangsters Out Blog: Another Haney Hells Angel dead

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Gangsters Out Blog: Another Haney Hells Angel dead: "Jose Gonzalez was a member of the Haney Hells Angels. On June 22, 1999, charges of extortion against East End member John Virgil Punko and Haney member Jose Gonzalez were dropped by the Crown after its key witness - the owner of a Richmond seafood company - refused to return from his native Japan to testify.

Gonzalez... that's a name found in El Salvador and in Honduras... In fact, that's the same last name as a guy who was charged in that recent large cocaine bust in Vancouver - Eduardo Gonzalez.

Well all of a sudden Jose's dead. He died a sudden death on October 1 2010. Some say it was a suicide. Others are skeptical. He's not the first Haney Hells Angel to have died a sudden death."

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Gangster Disciples Ex-gangster testifies in Lester Street trial: Killings not our style » The Commercial Appeal

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Ex-gangster testifies in Lester Street trial: Killings not our style » The Commercial Appeal: "former member of the Gangster Disciples told the jury in the Lester Street case Monday that gang punishments for member violations ranged from punches to death, but killing women and children was beyond anything they would ever consider.
Willie Boyd Hill Jr. said Cecil Dotson, a fellow gang member in 2008 and one of the six victims at 722 Lester Street, had crossed him and another gang member for different reasons that year, but neither problem would have warranted such retaliation.
'I didn't write him up (for gang punishment) and he wasn't taken out for that reason,' said Hill, adding that punishments could include 'chest shots, mouth shots, pumpkin-head' beatings, three-minute beatings or 'DV' -- a death violation."

Police Believe Double Homicide Was Gang-Related « CBS Los Angeles- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of LA

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Police Believe Double Homicide Was Gang-Related « CBS Los Angeles- News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of LA: "Paul Peterson, 29, of Torrance, and Vincent Moreno, 49, of Gardena, were found dead in a blue Chevrolet pickup truck about 2:15 a.m. Sunday at Torrance Boulevard and Normandie Avenue, according to the coroner and sheriff’s department.
The killer is at-large, according to authorities.
Sheriff’s homicide detectives learned that a taxi driver waiting behind the pickup noticed that the vehicle did not move when the light turned green.
He got out and found two shooting victims.
The taxi driver flagged down a Los Angeles Police Department patrol car. Deputies from the sheriff’s Carson Station responded, said Deputy Lillian Peck.
Peck said the detectives then learned that the victims were gang members and believe the shooting was gang-related."

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Two young men believed to be witnesses to two murders were executed in a parked SUV after a night of partying in Manhattan's Flatiron District.

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Two young men believed to be witnesses to two murders were executed in a parked SUV after a night of partying in Manhattan's Flatiron District.

Rashawn Washington, 26, and Terrance Serrano, 22, both of Coney Island, were each shot in the head moments after leaving the E. 19th St. hot spot Roam.

The motive behind the double rubout was unclear.

Detectives had questioned Washington about the 2009 stray-bullet killing of a Coney Island grandmother, and Serrano was quizzed about his brother's murder last year.

Neither agreed to cooperate, cop sources said.

Investigators believe the duo may have gotten into a beef inside the club. They both had rap sheets and a long list of potential enemies.

"Both are known gang-bangers who are involved in many things, and their business is likely behind their execution - not the fact that they were potential witnesses in other homicides," a law enforcement source said.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said security-camera footage shows a dark sedan pull up behind the victims' silver SUV on E. 19th St. between Park Ave. and Broadway.

Two men hopped out of the sedan and approached the SUV before disappearing from view. Seconds later, they were seen running back and zooming away.

"I heard a series of shots. 'Boom! Boom!' Pause. Then 'Boom! Boom! Boom!'" said Glenn Steigelman, 61, who lives around the corner.

"I looked at my clock: It was 3:45 [a.m.]. I tried to look out the window and I heard a car screech and speed down the street, like it was trying to get away really fast."

Hours before his death, Serrano had posted on Twitter about the possibility of dying young. His page also included a reference to enemies attending his funeral.

"And @ my Funeral it's only one wish: I ask give da haters a chance 2 see me cause it's dey last [chance] - and 1 by 1 turn me over let em kiss my a--."

Darnell Simms, 23, a friend of Washington and Serrano said "they were two people that always looked out for everyone in the hood, and they always were a positive crowd to be around."

Washington had 11 arrests on his record, including busts for gun possession.

Investigators believe he was on the scene during a daylight gun battle that led to the stray-bullet killing of Anna Surman, 87, in August 2009.

The Coney Island grandmother was walking in the flower-filled courtyard of the Surfside Houses when she was struck in the neck.

Her killer is at large, and investigators believe Washington knew where the shot came from - but he wouldn't tell them.

Serrano had seven prior collars, including arrests for gun possession and robbery, police sources said.

He was targeted in a July 2009 shooting on Surf Ave. The bullet hit his brother, Micuan Serrano, 19, in the face, killing him.

Serrano also was of no help to investigators, who are still trying to track down his brother's killer.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Gangster convicted of machinegun attack | News

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Gangster convicted of machinegun attack | News: "gangster who carried out a sub-machinegun attack on two rivals was facing jail today after being found guilty of attempted murder.
Yusuf Arslan, 20, tried to kill the men in Tottenham last September as Turkish drug gangs fought a bloody war over control of the north London heroin trade in which at least three people were killed.
A month later shop worker Cem Duzgun, 21, died in a hail of bullets after he left a club in Clapton. His killing is believed to have been revenge for the murder three days earlier of suspected gangster Oktay Erbasli, 23.
Arslan, who survived a shooting in 2007, was convicted of two counts of attempted murder and two firearms offences at Kingston crown court. A jury heard how two men were driving along Lansdowne Road at 11.30pm on 30 September last year when the road was blocked by a silver Vauxhall Corsa. Arslan leapt out and sprayed the car with bullets, injuring one of the men.
Three months later Arslan was arrested with a converted Brocock snubnose revolver as he left a massage parlour in Walthamstow with Emre Kamalak, 24. Both men were wearing bullet proof vests and had booked a mini-cab in a false name to take them to a series of addresses.
Detectives believe the pair — who were associated with a gang called the Tottenham Boys — were looking for rivals from the Bombacilar gang."

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hit man for both the Zetas and the Mexican Mafia

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top henchman for the Los Zetas Cartel and the Mexican Mafia is finally behind bars after being on the run for the least four years.

Mexican and American authorities said they are glad that Joseph Allen Garcia is off the streets.

They said he is a reputed hit man for both the Zetas and the Mexican Mafia.

The 23-year old was arrested in Reynosa at 2 a.m. Friday and was taken to Hidalgo County.

Within hours, Garcia was escorted back to Laredo under heavy security by the U.S. Marshals and Webb County sheriff deputies.

Joseph Garcia faces numerous charges including murder, attempted murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

In December of 2003, Garcia traveled to Laredo, authorities said, and opened fire on a group of men with an AK-47 assault rifle killing 18-year-old Mario Gonzalez and injuring three others.

Then in August of 2004, he allegedly shot and wounded another man.

Garcia was arrested, posted bond and had not been seen since.

Joseph Allen Garcia was featured on Action 4's Fugitive Finder, America’s Most Wanted and even topped the nation’s top 15 most wanted list.

Shooting garage is ‘torched’ | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

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Shooting garage is ‘torched’ | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News: "Cops and firefighters raced to Applerow Motors in Lambhill, Glasgow, just after 8pm last night and discovered five cars ablaze.
The blaze at the garage - owned by David Lyons, the brother of gang boss Eddie Lyons snr - came less than 24 hours after another at a car wash in the city.
It is rumoured the car wash is linked to the rival Daniel crime clan.
David watched in horror as two masked gunmen killed his nephew Michael, 21, at the garage in 2007."

Daniel is sent back to prison | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

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Daniel is sent back to prison | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News: "gangster lodged an appeal after he was caged for a year in June for smashing a stranger's car with a metal bar in a terrifying attack in Jordanhill, Glasgow.
But when Daniel was sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court, the prison term was backdated to March.
Yesterday judges at the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh agreed it should have started in February - when he was first remanded.
But Daniel's joy was shortlived as Lord Wheatley, who heard the appeal with Lord Eassie, also granted a Crown warrant to return him to prison.
Lord Wheatley said: 'He will require to spend a further nine days in custody.' Daniel originally admitted a breach of the peace last October."

BBC News - Gangland killers lose conviction appeal

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Garage murderers jailed for life
Gun attack 'like gangster film'
BBC News - Gangland killers lose conviction appeal: "Raymond Anderson and James McDonald shot mechanic Michael Lyons, at Applerow Motors in Lambhill in 2006.
Two other men, one of them the victim's cousin, were wounded in the attack.
The appeal court judges decided there had been no misdirection of the jury. The killers are also appealing the length of their 35-year jail sentences.The murder trial in 2008 heard that Anderson, 48, and 37-year-old McDonald, masked and carrying handguns, walked into the Applerow Motors garage and shot three people."

Friday, 1 October 2010

Gangster who raided Findel airport convicted - on

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Gangster who raided Findel airport convicted - on "Marcel Habran was convicted this week of robbing a security van in Belgium in 1998 and of masterminding a raid on a shipment of diamonds at Luxembourg’s Findel airport in 2000.
During the attack at Findel on October 9, 2000, several staff were shot by Habran’s gang, none died, but in the earlier Belgian raid two security guards were shot dead.
Habran, who has also been linked to a planned raid on Kirchberg’ mall, is thought to have been active in Belgian’s criminal networks for the last 30 years.
Several gangmembers were also convicted at the same trial, including Thierry Dalem, who is accused of murder during an attack on a postal van in 1996.
Both men were recognised as leaders of a criminal organisation. Habran could face up to 25 years in jail."

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Privacy Policy (site specific)
Privacy Policy :This blog may from time to time collect names and/or details of website visitors. This may include the mailing list, blog comments sections and in various sections of the Connected Internet site.These details will not be passed onto any other third party or other organisation unless we are required to by government or other law enforcement authority.If you contribute content, such as discussion comments, to the site, your contribution may be publicly displayed including personally identifiable information.Subscribers to the mailing list can unsubscribe at any time by writing to info (at) This site links to independently run web sites outside of this domain. We take no responsibility for the privacy practices or content of such web sites.This site uses cookies to save login details and to collect statistical information about the numbers of visitors to the site.We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and would like to know your options in relation to·not having this information used by these companies, click hereThis site is suitable for all ages, but not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 years old.This policy will be updated from time to time. If we make significant changes to this policy after that time a notice will be posted on the main pages of the website.