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Friday, 30 April 2010

City liquor board renews Milan’s license -

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City liquor board renews Milan’s license - "Critics say the companies Jet Set Mafia and GoodLife Productions promote Milan as a place to party, drawing crowds that stay later, drink harder and make more noise than traditional Little Italy diners.
'The board does not believe that the evidence shows that Jet Set Mafia or GoodLife is an outside party promoter. I don't know' what would, Liquor Board Chairman Stephan Fogleman said, announcing the renewal of the license.
'We want them to be a successful restaurant,' said Giovanna Blatterman, but 'we don't like what's going on between 10 and 2,' which she said the promotions are encouraging.
Blatterman was one of two residents who protested the license renewal before the Liquor Board. She organized the petition against Milan."

Reputed British gangster gunned down -

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Reputed British gangster gunned down - "Nicky Ayers, manager of a British soccer team and a reputed mobster in Liverpool, was gunned down early Thursday, police said.
Ayers took at least three bullets in an execution-style killing just after midnight, the Liverpool Echo reported. He was shot on the street in West Derby, apparently as he returned home after a visit with a young grandson.
The manager of the Western Approaches Football Club in the Liverpool and District Sunday League, Ayers was involved in several incidents at soccer games this year that appeared to involve a drug-related turf war."

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gangland widow Judy Moran has been refused bail after a magistrate found she had not met "exceptional circumstances".

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Gangland widow Judy Moran has been refused bail after a magistrate found she had not met "exceptional circumstances".Deputy chief magistrate, Jelena Popovic told Moran that her bail application "had not gone well", and that while she maintained concerns about her health and transport issues, there was not enough evidence to qualify her for exceptional circumstances, and therefore would not be released on bail.The court heard earlier today that Moran told a friend that a witness in her murder committal hearing would "have the best rude awakening coming to her" if she was bailed.Moran, 65, had resumed her bail application at the Melbourne Magistrates Court after being charged with the murder of her former brother-in-law, Des "Tuppence" Moran.

Mr Moran was shot dead in Ascot Vale last June. Judy Moran, 65, Suzanne Kane, 45, her de facto husband, Geoffrey "Nuts" Armour, 44, and Michael Farrugia, 45, are charged with Mr Moran's murder and have been committed to stand trial.

Detective Senior Constable Stephen Reidy, in opposing bail, told the court that Judy Moran had been heard on prison telephones telling friend Judy Fyfe that case witness and Des Moran's friend Sandra Cummins was "going to have the best rude awakening coming to her when I get bail you've ever seen”.
"I will fix her up (in) two shakes of a lamb's tail," Moran said.
Detective Senior Constable Reidy said Moran had shown a propensity to destroy evidence and may interefere with witnesses if released.
Earlier her lawyer, Jim Stavris, said Moran had shown exceptional circumstances because of “sensationalised media reporting” around her charge and committal.
He said this included a report that she had had a prison fight with Tania Herman, who was jailed after pleading guilty to the attempted murder of Maria Korp, in an attempt to become the top dog at Dame Phyllis Frost Prison.
Mr Stavris tended an affidavit from Herman in which she said she had never met Moran before the article was published in the Herald Sun newspaper.
"We have both been deeply hurt by the allegations in the Herald Sun," Herman wrote.
"This allegation has defamed our solid and good reputations."
But prosecutor Claire Quinn said Moran had facilitated much of the media attention focused on her.
"Her profile had been deliberately raised by herself," Ms Quinn said. "A lot of media attention is as a result of her own actions.”

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Crime family head sentenced over £250,000 mortgage fraud | Glasgow and West | STV News

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Crime family head sentenced over £250,000 mortgage fraud | Glasgow and West | STV News: "Edward Lyons, known as Eddie, lied to lenders about his income to secure the loans. He claimed he was self-employed and earning up to £48,000 a year when he was actually working at Chirnside Community Initiative earning just £20,000.
The 52-year-old bought property in East Kilbride and Cumbernauld by self-certifying on mortgage applications. He then sold the East Kilbride property and pocketed over £74,000 in profit - £30,000 of which he gave to his daughter Ashley to open a tanning salon in Dundee."

Gumbs, also known as 'Killer Reek, Bloods street gang leader accused of drug charges | -

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Alleged Newark Bloods street gang leader accused of drug charges | - "The leader of a Newark faction of the Bloods street gang was arrested on drug conspiracy charges Saturday, the same day he was scheduled to receive parole from a prior conviction, authorities said.
Altariq Gumbs, 32, was accused of using a cell phone inside of an Arizona state prison to direct other members of the Brick City Brims, a set of the Bloods, to sell heroin in Newark, according to a criminal complaint unsealed yesterday. Slated to receive parole Saturday, Gumbs was instead arrested by FBI agents.
Gumbs, also known as 'Killer Reek,' allegedly obtained a cell phone while incarcerated in the Arizona prison facility and used it to direct other Bloods members to distribute heroin in Newark between November and December 2008."

Top Mafia boss arrested in southern Italy: report

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Top Mafia boss arrested in southern Italy: report: "Giovanni Tegano, 70, who had been on the run for 17 years, has been sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment for murder and Mafia association.Interior Minister Roberto Maroni hailed the arrest, saying it was the 'hardest blow that could be dealt today to the 'Ndrangheta, being the number one wanted from Calabria.'Tegano is considered the boss of the 'Ndrina clan of the 'Ndrangheta, considered the most powerful and ruthless of the four organised crime syndicates operating in Italy."

Monday, 26 April 2010

Politicians, gangsters mix at funeral for Taiwan mafia boss

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Politicians, gangsters mix at funeral for Taiwan mafia boss: "Senior Taiwanese politicians rubbed shoulders with mob bosses at the funeral Monday of one of the island's most prominent mafia leaders.
The Buddhist service for Lee Chao-hsiung, who died of liver cancer last month, was expected to attract a gathering of up to 20,000 people in the central city of Taichung, organisers said.
Taichung Mayor Jason Hu, a former foreign minister, was among the mourners, saying his attendance was a sign of gratitude after Lee left 60 million Taiwan dollars (S$2.6 million) for charities in his will."

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mafia boss stymies extradition to Italy - Times LIVE

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Mafia boss stymies extradition to Italy - Times LIVE: "fresh legal bid by Vito Palazzolo to block his extradition to Italy - where he was convicted in absentia in 2006 of 'aggravated Mafia-type association' and sentenced to nine years in prison.
Palazzolo has lived in South Africa for over 20 years, is a successful businessman and has a R13-million home at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront.
Former minister of justice Enver Surty set extradition procedures in motion last year. But Palazzolo launched an application at the High Court in Cape Town to have the extradition application reviewed.
Palazzolo, in court papers, claims there is an 'unscrupulous campaign' being waged against him and accused South African and Italian authorities of colluding against him."

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Reputed gangster Onofrio 'Noel' Modica won't say why he turned down the FBI -

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Reputed gangster Onofrio 'Noel' Modica won't say why he turned down the FBI - "reputed Gambino family mobster who turned down a deal with the feds refused to say why after getting sprung from jail this afternoon.
'No, sorry,' Onofrio 'Noel' Modica said after leaving the Manhattan federal courthouse.
Modica -- who's charged with two murders and plotting to tamper with the jury that convicted 'Dapper Don' John Gotti in 1992 -- spent a week in the slammer after rejecting a offer to cooperate by telling two FBI agents: 'Take me to court.'"

Friday, 23 April 2010

Jailed mafia leader wants priest to secure release

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Jailed mafia leader wants priest to secure release: "Italian mafia leader, currently in prison, wants a senior cardinal to mediate for his release on compassionate grounds, officials have said.
Toto Riina, 79, who has heart problems, wants Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, the Archbishop of Milan, to help him get released from prison on compassionate grounds, officials have said, according to Corriere della Sera daily."

Man accused of killing wannabe gangster

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Man accused of killing wannabe gangster: "man has been charged with murder over the disappearance of a 'wannabe' Melbourne gangster who has been missing for more than five months.
A 26-year-old man from Mickleham, in Melbourne's north, has been charged with murdering Peter Rule, 56, from nearby Meadow Heights.
Rule was described by his sister and police shortly after his disappearance as a low-level petty criminal with a misguided desire to be a big-time gangster."

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Biography: Carlo Gambino, Mafia boss - by Justin Manucci - Helium

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Biography: Carlo Gambino, Mafia boss - by Justin Manucci - Helium: "Carlo 'Don Carlo' Gambino is one of the most famous mob bosses of all time. He founded the Gambino Crime family, and even over 20 years past his death still uses his name.
Carlo Gambino was born August 24, 1902 in Palermo, Sicily. Carlo Gambino was the boss of the Gambino crime family from 1957 to 1976. Before becoming the boss of the family, Carlo Gambino had to work his way up the rankings, which he did quickly, becoming a made man at just the age of 19. Gambino tried to run his operation as easily and efficiently as he could. He was made famous for strictly enforcing that none of his associates deal drugs, and as far as he was concerned if you dealed drugs, the punishment would be death. It was because of his good leadership that the Gambino family is still in existence today as one of New York City's 'Five Families' which includes the Bonanno Family, Colombo Family, Genovese Family, and the Lucchese Family. It is rumored that these five families control all the mafia related organized crime activity in the city of New York."

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Murdered gangster 'had it coming' - Underbelly author - World - NZ Herald News

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Murdered gangster 'had it coming' - Underbelly author - World - NZ Herald News: "Murdered gangster Carl Williams 'had it coming,' an expert on Melbourne's gangland scene has said.
Underbelly co-author and Melbourne Age senior crime writer Andrew Rule said that Carl Williams, 39, began a 'chain of violence' which ended with his death yesterday.
Williams was in an exercise room in the maximum security Acacia unit at Barwon Prison when he was bashed to death by a fellow inmate, who was identified with the help of CCTV footage and subsequently charged with murder.
The man, who has name suppression, appeared today via video link during a five-minute hearing at a Geelong court. He has been ordered to appear in the same court on July 23 for a committal mention."

James J. "Whitey" Bulger, now 80,career criminal who's been on the run for 15 years

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James J. "Whitey" Bulger, now 80, isn't a figment of some crime writer's imagination — he's a career criminal who's been on the run for 15 years. He also loves history books.
Bulger's resume includes warrants for 19 murders in the early 1970s to mid-1980s, racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, money-laundering and distribution of narcotics. Most of these offences were connected to an organized crime group in Boston.Victoria's two major bookstores were visited last week by police on behalf of the FBI to warn staff to keep an eye out for Bulger, an avid reader."The FBI don't have any definite answers that he's in Victoria, but they're on the lookout for him," said Jim Munro, owner of Munro's Books. "Apparently, he's quite a book lover and he's interested in history."The officers gave Munro and the management at Bolen's Books posters bearing Bulger's photo and a number to call.Bulger is considered armed — he carries a knife — and extremely dangerous.
Bulger is between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-9, weighs about 155 pounds and has a medium build. His hair is white, his eyes blue and complexion light.
Bulger has been known to alter his appearance through disguises and has numerous aliases. He has travelled throughout the U.S., Europe, Canada and Mexico.
The FBI is offering a $2-million reward for information leading directly to Bulger's arrest. A call to the agency's Boston office Monday was not returned.
Bulger is reputed to have been the inspiration for Jack Nicholson's character in Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning crime thriller The Departed.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Underbelly gangster killed in prison - World - NZ Herald News

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Underbelly gangster killed in prison - World - NZ Herald News: "Convicted Australian gangland killer Carl Williams has died after he suffered head injuries and went into cardiac arrest in prison, his lawyer says.
An Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman said paramedics arrived at Barwon Prison about 1.18pm (3.18pm NZT) today to find him in a critical condition."

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gangster admits to Rehal execution

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Gangster admits to Rehal execution: "former member of the Red Scorpions gang has pleaded guilty in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster to first-degree murder in connection with a 2001 Surrey slaying and a 2003 Abbotsford murder.
Anton Hooites-Meursing appeared under tight security in courtroom 102 in New Westminster Tuesday morning.
The 39-year-old pleaded guilty to the June 13, 2001, murder of 22-year-old Randy McLeod in Surrey and the execution of 19-year-old Gurpreet Singh (Bobby) Rehal on March 13, 2003, at his Abbotsford home."

Eyewitness News: Mafia boss court bid postponed

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Eyewitness News: Mafia boss court bid postponed: "lawyer representing alleged mafia boss Vito Palazzolo has confirmed their court action has been postponed.Palazzolo is opposing a nine-year sentence for colluding with the mafia and challenging his extradition to Italy.There are many questions as to what went wrong with Palazzolo’s court application.The bid was meant to begin in the Western Cape High Court on Friday.And although it was pencilled in on the back of the court roll, it seemed as if no one knew when the application was going to be heard.Palazzolo’s lawyers were not in court and when Eyewitness News contacted them, his council said they were not doing any interviews"

Friday, 16 April 2010

Feds remove lien on Victoria Gotti's L.I. mansion after Mafia princess pays $2.6M to settle case

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Feds remove lien on Victoria Gotti's L.I. mansion after Mafia princess pays $2.6M to settle case: "Federal prosecutors have removed the lien on Victoria Gotti's Long Island mansion because she's paid Uncle Sam $2.6 million to settle her ex-husband's forfeiture case.
But the Mafia princess' castle in Old Westbury - the centerpiece of her cable series 'Growing Up Gotti' - isn't out of the foreclosure woods yet, sources said."

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Curtis Sliwa: Junior Gotti's revisionist history on Mafia life goes unchallenged on '60 Minutes'

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Curtis Sliwa: Junior Gotti's revisionist history on Mafia life goes unchallenged on '60 Minutes': "interviewer Steve Kroft seemed in awe of Gotti.
At points, he was smiling and laughing it up so much, I expected Gotti's mother to come out and serve him cannoli. When Kroft finally asked Junior if he had been the acting boss of the Gambino crime family, Gotti's lawyer jumped in and issued a denial.
Charles Carnesi said Gotti was only guilty of being a loyal son. In reality, if Kroft had referred to the court transcripts of any of the four trials, he would have seen that Gotti's lawyers consistently acknowledged Junior was a capo in the crime family and was acting boss in his father's absence.
It seems Gotti and Carnesi have created a new ranking system for the Mafia. Along with the boss of all bosses, the don, the underboss and the consigliere, they've created the position of 'loyal son,' which I've renamed 'The Sonsigliere.'
Junior Gotti went on to say that his father, John Gotti, really hated money; that instead of the two-fisted, degenerate gambler we knew him to be in a $2,000 Armani suit with a Brioni tie, he was really like St. Francis of Assisi, realizing that eventually you die, or in his case go to jail, and lose all your worldly possessions.
Gotti's revisionism went unchallenged and the sonsigliere blamed his criminal ways on growing up in Howard Beach."

Drug kingpin convicted in murder for hire | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/14/2010

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Drug kingpin convicted in murder for hire | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/14/2010: "Drug kingpin Maurice Phillips, who ran a multimillion-dollar cocaine-distribution network stretching from Texas to New York, was convicted Tuesday of hiring a hit man to murder a Montgomery County woman who was cooperating against him with federal investigators.
Phillips, 38, could be sentenced to death for the contract killing, or life in prison. The jury of eight women and four men will return Monday to begin hearing testimony in the penalty phase of the case.
Phillips was convicted of seven other counts in addition to the murder-for-hire charge. These included heading a continuing criminal enterprise that allegedly distributed hundreds of kilograms of cocaine between 1998 and 2007.
Two codefendants were convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Eight other defendants pleaded guilty to conspiracy, drug dealing, and related charges prior to trial."

Pictures of shooter sought after Colindale nightclub attack (From This Is Local London)

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Pictures of shooter sought after Colindale nightclub attack (From This Is Local London): "POLICE are asking revellers who went to a warehouse party in Colindale which ended with three people being shot for their photographs of the evening.
The first anniversary party for Grime Daily in the Capitol Way facility ended with one man opening fire, wounding three people including the DJ.
Officers from Trident, which investigates gun crime in London, are investigating the case and have called on party goers to hand over their snaps to help trace the gunman.
Detective Inspector Michael Millar, of Trident said: 'The event was well attended and we know that numerous people were taking photographs either with cameras or on their phones."

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Trenton gangsters charged with carjacking get $5M bail - The Trentonian News: Serving Trenton and surrounding communities. (

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Trenton gangsters charged with carjacking get $5M bail - The Trentonian News: Serving Trenton and surrounding communities. ( "Jerry Laventure of Columbus Avenue, Trenton, and Pierre Akim, of Ewing, were arraigned this morning before District Justice Donald Nasshorn at District Court in Newtown after being extradited to Pennsylvania from New Jersey.They are charged with 2 counts of kidnapping, 2 counts of robbery, 1 count of robbery of a motor vehicle, 1 count of false imprisonment, 1 count of theft by unlawful taking, 1 count of receiving stolen property and 1 count of simple assault.
The men were remanded to Bucks County Prison. A preliminary hearing is tentatively set for April 19 before Justice Nasshorn.A third man allegedly involved in the attack, Trenton’s Troy Dillard, was identified by federal agents as a Blood gangster, was arraigned last week in Warrington after his capture by U.S. Marshals in central Pennsylvania’s Franklin County. He was sent to the Bucks prison on $3 million cash bail."

Reputed Montreal mobster's parole plea granted

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Reputed Montreal mobster's parole plea granted: "Moreno Gallo knows that as a man living on parole for the rest of his life for murder, he has to tread carefully.
It was for this reason he found himself seeking a release for the second time in less than two weeks as he continues to deal with problems that have piled upon him since he was caught on videotape bringing large amounts of cash to high-ranking members of the Montreal Mafia.
“I am on parole for life. It’s like my family is on parole for life. I tell my kids, if we do barbecue you can’t bring a friend with a criminal record,” Gallo said during an Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) detention hearing Monday.
Gallo, 64, was turned over to the custody of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) on Friday after as he was leaving a minimum-security penitentiary in Laval. On March 30, the National Parole Board granted him day parole, allowing him to live at a halfway house, his first release since being arrested in 2007 for violating the conditions of parole he was granted in September 1983."

Accused gang member goes on trial for double murder - WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC-

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Accused gang member goes on trial for double murder - WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC-: "Alejandro Umana sat in federal court Monday with his white button down untucked. He's on trial for his life, accused of shooting two brothers in a Mexican restaurant in 2007.
Umana is a suspected MS-13 gang member, and was arrested during a federal raid in Charlotte where 26 other alleged members were indicted two years ago.
Umana was quoted by prosecutors during opening statements as having said, 'I went pop, pop to them.' His street name is 'Wizard.'
The prosecution argues Umana shot the brothers to further the gang's reputation and elevate Umana's position within the gang.
Defense attorney Mark Foster said the evidence will show those murders were committed during a drunken bar fight in Greensboro. The federal charges hinge on whether the jury believes the murders were committed as part of gang activity.
Most of Umana's associates who were also arrested during the raid have been convicted of various violent crimes relating to racketeering and extortion. Eighteen defendants pleaded guilty and six were convicted during a group trial. One other suspect is in jail in El Salvador and is unlikely to be extradited.
Monday court ended with one of Umana's former associates, a one-time MS-13 gang member, testifying against him."

Liverpool Daily - News - Liverpool News - Reformed Liverpool gangster Stephen French, aka 'The Devil', cleared by court over machete charge

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Liverpool Daily - News - Liverpool News - Reformed Liverpool gangster Stephen French, aka 'The Devil', cleared by court over machete charge: "Stephen French, 50, known by the city’s underworld in his darker days as ‘The Devil’, sat though a four day trial at Liverpool crown court.
But before the case even went to the jury, Judge Bryn Holloway made the decision for them, ruling Mr French was not guilty of the charge he faced.
It marked the end of a 15-month ordeal for the former British, European and World kickboxing champion, who built a fearsome reputation by violently robbing drug-dealers when he was younger and so gaining him the Satanic nickname.
He was arrested in January 2009 on the Wirral side of the Birkenhead tunnel after police pulled over the car he was driving because it had no insurance.
When Mr French went to phone his solicitor claiming he was being harassed, a scuffle broke out between himself and PC Marcus Coast.
Coast claimed he had been assaulted, with Mr French peeling his fingers back, injuring his hand and causing him pain.
But on the witness stand he reluctantly admitted that the very next day he was able to take up his usual spot in the New Brighton Rugby Club first XV and played a “powerful” game of rugby."

Court restricts Vancouver Hells Angel from visiting biker pals — except own son

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Court restricts Vancouver Hells Angel from visiting biker pals — except own son: "Vancouver police say they are putting the East End Hells Angels on notice that the gang must reign in violent members like full-patch Angel Juel Ross Stanton.
Insp. Brad Desmarais, head of the VPD's gang section, said Monday that police visited East End president John Bryce two months ago to complain about Stanton's use of his club membership to 'terrify citizens in our community.'
'We advised the president at that time that it would be in his best interest to tell Mr. Stanton to stop doing that,' Desmarais said. 'I don't recall ever a time when we approached a senior member of an organization and said tell your people to shape up.'"

Gangsters Out Blog: Juel Stanton and the Surrey House of Horrors

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Gangsters Out Blog: Juel Stanton and the Surrey House of Horrors: "Interesting new developments in Juels' new arrest. Kim Bolan reports that: 'Stanton was acquitted in September 2006 in a violent forcible confinement case where four men broke into a Surrey marijuana grow-op, beat it's owner with brass knuckles and held him captive. Stanton's brother Norman was convicted in the same case of conspiracy, forcible confinement, robbery and assault causing bodily harm.' They ROBBED the OWNER of the grow op.
Then in 2001 they allegedly took over another grow op and forced the owner to work for them and forced him to tell them about other grow ops in the area. That is frighteningly similar to how the Hells Angels have been reported to rob and take over the contraband cigarette trade back east.
The thing I find so interesting about this case is that the RCMP claim it is somehow related to a separate investigation involving several homicides at a crack house in Surrey on 108th known as the Surrey House of Horrors."

Murderer's plea for parole granted

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Murderer's plea for parole granted: "Moreno Gallo knows that as a man living on parole for the rest of his life for murder, he has to tread carefully.
It was for this reason he found himself seeking a release for the second time in less than two weeks as he continues to deal with problems that have piled upon him since he was caught on videotape bringing large amounts of cash to high-ranking members of the Montreal Mafia.
'I am on parole for life. It's like my family is on parole for life. I tell my kids, if we do barbecue you can't bring a friend with a criminal record,' Gallo said at an Immigration and Refugee Board detention hearing yesterday."

Monday, 12 April 2010

Daily Herald | A summer sizzler: The case of the mob's missing diamond

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Daily Herald | A summer sizzler: The case of the mob's missing diamond: "geriatric pair (Scalise is 73, Rachel, 71) is notorious for having stolen the Marlborough diamond from a London store in 1980. The 45-carat gem, once owned by Winston Churchill's cousin, has never been found.
The FBI arrested Scalise and Rachel last Thursday night, along with their younger partner Robert Pullia, 69 of Plainfield. The men were found dressed in black, carrying burglary tools and camped outside the Chicago home of their former Outfit boss, the late Angelo 'the Hook' LaPietra, according to FBI agents.
Prosecutors said the men were arrested to prevent a home invasion as LaPietra's daughter was home at the time.
The next day, an interesting car was also seen at the LaPietra home. It was registered to Kurt Calabrese, a son of the infamously brutal Mob boss Frank 'the Breeze' Calabrese Sr.
Kurt, who is married to Angelo LaPietra's granddaughter Angela, made a break from his Outfit father and has gone straight.
But Calabrese, LaPietra & Scalise may be more than just a good name for a Sicilian law firm.
Last month, when the feds raided Frank Calabrese Sr.'s Oak Brook home, they found gems, guns and cash along with 14 audiotape recordings made by Frank of conversations with his Outfit underlings.
Some mobologists suspect those tapes include information about the location of the stolen Marlborough diamond and that the location is the home of the late boss, LaPietra.
If true, then Scalise and Rachel would know that because they stole the sparkler. They would certainly want to get to the diamond before the feds."

Biography: John Gotti, Mafia boss - by Ray Langley - Helium

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Biography: John Gotti, Mafia boss - by Ray Langley - Helium: "John Gotti evolved into an imminent danger of those who opposed him, finally leading one of the most powerful mob families in New York City.
John Gotti was a middle child of Italian immigrants that struggled to make a life as foreigners in a new country. As a boy, he discovered the underworld of riches and glamour where the gangsters dwelled, and he began his life of crime at the age of twelve.
These people were poised in the center of a changing world as the prohibition gangster began to fade and a new breed was born with John Gotti. Violence, alcohol, drugs and prostition were a part of his everyday life, rearing this boy into a man jaded to the sanctity of life.
Prison became John Gotti training in, how to climb the ranks of organized crime, as after each release John is promoted to a higher rank in the local crime syndicate. His legend began to grow as a local hero of the people who regularly chose to ignore that this dapper young man, with a wit and style was a criminal.
It was a high life with a dizzying peril that most do not survive and plunge into the abyss of the underworld, but John Gotti’s mentor, a top Captain of the biggest gang in New York City, showed him the path to success in a crime family."

In 'Infamous,' writer disarms myth of 'Machine Gun' Kelly | Dallas-Fort Worth Entertainment News and Events | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News

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In 'Infamous,' writer disarms myth of 'Machine Gun' Kelly | Dallas-Fort Worth Entertainment News and Events | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News: "'Machine Gun' Kelly, the first Public Enemy No. 1, was easily the worst – as in the most inept – of the famous Prohibition-era gangsters.
There was a story that made the rounds in the early 1930s about Kelly being so skilled with his trusty Tommy gun that he could 'write his name in bullets.' It's a colorful anecdote that captured the public's imagination, but it was hardly accurate.
The truth of the matter is that the notorious gangster was a lifelong ne'er-do-well, even when it came to the business of crime, says Ace Atkins, whose latest novel is Infamous (Putnam, $25.95, in stores Thursday). Atkins will speak Sunday at Legacy Books in Plano."

John Gotti Jr. blabs about the mob on 60 Minutes | Gather

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John Gotti Jr. blabs about the mob on 60 Minutes | Gather: "John Gotti Jr. breaks his silence and speaks about his past mob life on 60 Minutes. You are probably thinking, what more can be said that hasn't already been shown on the Sopranos?"

Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Associated Press: Haiti's police struggle to control ravaged capital

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The Associated Press: Haiti's police struggle to control ravaged capital: "police inspector taunted the gangster they call 'Obama' through the bars of a downtown lockup. Stuffed into a tiny cell with nine other men, the 23-year-old inmate looked panicked, exhausted and freshly beaten.
It's guys like this, the pudgy cop said, who threaten to upend Port-au-Prince three months after the earthquake, exploiting the continuing chaos to commit murder, assaults and kidnappings just as the international community arrives with billions of dollars to rebuild the ravaged capital.
Fears of such insecurity have prompted the U.S. government to invest millions in stabilization and security to protect its post-quake development programs. More than $422 million of U.S. aid has come from the Defense Department.
The United States is expanding a pre-quake anti-crime effort — which focused on building infrastructure, community ties and police controls in what was the city's most dangerous slum, Cite Soleil — to the new hotspot of Martissant, on the western periphery of the capital."

Behind the door of gang central | Adelaide Now

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Behind the door of gang central | Adelaide Now: "walls are covered with street gang tags including the West Coast Boyz, West Coast Warriors and West Coast Siders.
The reception at the home was in stark contrast to that which confronted The Advertiser investigations team two months ago.
Then, we were spat at, abused and threatened without even asking a question, by a woman, the current occupant says was the female house leader and crime boss when the house was linked to the so-called Gang of 49 crime wave.
'She always had the boys coming around here, hanging out here. They did all this (the tags),' the resident, who did not wish to be named, said.
'And if she wanted something, she would get them to get it. If she saw a television in a house, she would say `go steal that TV' and they would.'
Last week, South Australia Police spokeswoman Shelaye Boothey said 'there is no evidence of the existence of any organised indigenous criminal gang structures'.
She added that police were not aware of street gangs including Black Scorpions, West Side Bloods and Crazy After Dark which are named in a paper by James Cook University's Laura Swanson presented at the Australia New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference at Monash University in December.
Ms Swanson spent four weeks with 10 known so-called Gang of 49 offenders who told her about their links to the smaller street-fighting gangs."

Alleged street gang leader pleads guilty to shooting - Aggravated Assault Gossip

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Alleged street gang leader pleads guilty to shooting - Aggravated Assault Gossip: "man who allegedly led a Gray's Ferry street gang notorious for gunfights with rivals pleaded guilty Monday to a 2007 shooting in a deal that will send him to Prison for four to 15 years. Tyrik Upchurch, 22, pleaded guilty to Aggravated Assault and possession of an instrument of Crime on what was to have been the first day of his trial in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court."

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Man's arm injured in Lodi shooting; may be gang-related

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Man's arm injured in Lodi shooting; may be gang-related: "23-year-old Lodi man received a minor injury to his arm Thursday night after suspected gang members shot at his vehicle in the Kmart parking lot.
Police learned of the 9:30 p.m. incident after the victim drove himself to the hospital for treatment, said Sgt. Fernando Martinez. The victim, a former gang member from the Los Angeles area, had driven into the 520 S. Cherokee Lane lot to attend a carnival, Martinez said. Such carnivals, usually including a few rides, are common in that lot.He was circling around the lot, looking for a parking place, when a group of people began yelling gang slogans at him. They wore red, a color often worn by Norteno gang members.The victim then heard several gunshots, felt a pain in his left arm and realized he'd been shot, Martinez said. A couple rounds also entered the driver's side door, but did not hit the man. The injury was minor, Martinez said.
Police were following leads but did not release suspect descriptions, other than that one was a white male, apparently an adult"

Sentence in killing of Bloods gang member | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/09/2010

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Sentence in killing of Bloods gang member | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/09/2010: "Nathaniel Craig closed his eyes and squeezed off two rounds at an alleged rival drug dealer ordered killed by the Bloods street gang in Camden.
The 6-foot-7 former Camden High School basketball player was no marksman, however. His wild shots hit another Bloods member in the head while his intended victim fled unscathed, said Craig's lawyer, Murray N. Sufrin.
On Friday, Craig, 20, of Camden, was sentenced to serve 15 years for the death of his alleged partner in crime, Tyrone Powell, 19, also of the city.
'He never shot a gun before,' Sufrin said after the hearing, where Craig thanked Superior Court Judge Thomas Brown for giving him a second chance. Craig will be eligible for parole after 12 years.
'I'm not a bad guy, I just hung out with the wrong people,' Craig told the judge. 'I'm paying for my mistakes.'
He and Powell were armed with .38-caliber and 9mm handguns when they fired at their rival about 4:30 a.m. on July 18, 2007, at the Ablett Village apartments, said Assistant Camden County Prosecutor David Deitz.
The intended victim ducked behind a car that the two shooters riddled with bullets. Suddenly, the gunfire stopped and the man ran, Deitz said.
About the same time, Craig opened his eyes and saw that Powell had been shot in the back of the head. Powell ran to a nearby house, where he collapsed and died."

Sweep targets Pico Rivera gang | Street Gangs Resource Center – Los Angeles and California | The Gang Experts | Crips | Bloods | Mara Salvatrucha | 18th Street

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Sweep targets Pico Rivera gang | Street Gangs Resource Center – Los Angeles and California | The Gang Experts | Crips | Bloods | Mara Salvatrucha | 18th Street: "PICO RIVERA – Deputies arrested a parolee, a 17-year-old boy and seized a handgun, a shotgun and methamphetamine during an early morning sweep targeting a local gang.
They served a search warrant at one home then went to four other residences to check if members of Rivera 13 were complying with the conditions of their parole and probation.
Deputies said the gang’s activities increased recently. One member, Rudy Ruiz of Whittier, was tied last year to the June 27 shooting outside Falcone’s Pizza that left three men dead and seven people wounded.
Ruiz and Canta Ranas gang member John Perez of Pico Rivera have been charged with the killings. Detectives haven’t revealed the motive for the fatal shootings, which happened during a fundraiser by a local motorcycle group. Detectives said the men killed and the motorcycle group don’t have gang ties.
Since those murders, the gang has been involved in several killings, shootings and drug trafficking, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Mark Bailey of Operation Safe Streets, the department’s gang unit."

Friday, 9 April 2010

Gangs specialize in murder -

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Gangs specialize in murder - "The Barrio Azteca gang have been dealing drugs and stealing cars in El Paso, Texas, but across the border in Mexico the organization now specializes in contract killings, the report said.
The Post said U.S. law enforcement officers believe the gang may have been involved in as many as half of the 2,660 killings in Juarez in the past year.
The Aztecas locate targets, stalk them and finally kill them in ambushes involving multiple chase cars and radio communications by masked gunmen in body armor, who vanish back into safe houses in Juarez or El Paso, the report said.
'Within their business of killing, they have surveillance people, intel people and shooters. They have a degree of specialization,' David Cuthbertson, special agent in charge of the FBI's El Paso division, told the Post. 'They work day in and day out, with a list of people to kill, and they get proficient at it.'
Special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration in El Paso, Joseph Arabit, told the newspaper, 'Our intelligence indicates that they kill frequently for a hundred dollars.'"

John 'Junior' Gotti was afraid 'every day' of getting whacked -

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John 'Junior' Gotti was afraid 'every day' of getting whacked - "John 'Junior' Gotti feared he'd be whacked when he was a member of the Gambino crime family.
'Every day it's a possibility,' Gotti told CBS's '60 Minutes' in an interview that will air on Sunday. 'It's a possibility that something can happen to you every day of your life. And you know something, when you hang out in the streets, you're hanging with a different type of a person. ... Who knows? Everything is possible. It's a volatile experience.'
Gotti, 46, said the best part of that volatile existence was the actual moment he joined the mob.
He said the 'proudest moment' of his life was when he was 'made' as a member of the Gambinos -- the Mafia's way of formally inducting someone into a crime family.
After the secret ceremony, Gotti said his father, the late John 'Teflon Don' Gotti who was the family boss at the time, hugged him.
'I was slowly becoming like [my father]. ... I think he was very happy,' said Gotti.
The interview comes four months after the Teflon Don's son scored a fourth hung jury that eventually led the feds to drop the case against him."

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Deportation ordered on Mafia charge -

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Deportation ordered on Mafia charge - "Carlo Figliomeni, 42, who applied for Canadian citizenship in 2003, has 15 days to appeal the decision.
An Immigration and Refugee Board hearing in January was told Figliomeni didn’t tell Canadian authorities when he immigrated in 1988 that he had a record in Italy for stashing weapons for criminals connected to the ‘Ndrangheta, a strain of organized crime with roots in southern Italy.
Figliomeni, who originally settled with his wife and in-laws, argued before the board he has never been a member of the ‘Ndrangheta or any related organization.
The hearing was told he stashed the weapons during a bloody war between the Costa and Commisso clans in the southern Italian province of Calabria in the early 1990s.
Italian police suspected he and family members sided with the Commisso forces.
Figliomeni was convicted in Italy of possessing illegal, unregistered guns found hidden on his parents’ property in the town of Locri.
He also convicted of Mafia associations, a crime in Italy, and sentenced to two years and two months in custody.
The Mafia associations charge was later overturned in court.
The Costa-Commisso feud began when the two clans each sought to control heroin and cocaine trafficking routes around the southern Italian city of Siderno.
It spilled into the Greater Toronto Area in 1991, when recent immigrant Giovanni Costa was killed in a drive-by shooting near his home on White Blvd. in Thornhill.
Costa wasn’t considered a criminal but police said he was killed because some of his relatives were involved in the drug trade."

Indictment: Killer mobsters running gangs at Trenton State Prison - The Trentonian News: Serving Trenton and surrounding communities. (

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Indictment: Killer mobsters running gangs at Trenton State Prison - The Trentonian News: Serving Trenton and surrounding communities. ( "Charged with running the so-called Nine Trey Hillside Beehive wing of the Bloods from the Trenton prison was Clarence Scott, 35, who is serving life for a 2002 murder in his native Passaic County.Also named in the indictment was ex-Jersey corrections officer Brian Teel, who allegedly received $500 to smuggle a cell phone into the pen.Charges against members of the Nine Trey mobsters, including its two top leaders, range from murder conspiracy and drug distribution to smuggling drugs and cell phones into prisons.Dow said the entire operation was run from inside New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, primarily by Scott.“The charges of gang criminality and promoting organized street crime are specifically geared to prosecuting the criminal activities of gangs and their leaders,” Dow said, adding that each charge carries a sentence of 15 to 30 years in prison."

Randy P. Broward, 32, of Clyde Street in Hampton, who police say leads the "Original Bloods Gang," is accused of ordering the killings

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Randy P. Broward, 32, of Clyde Street in Hampton, who police say leads the "Original Bloods Gang," is accused of ordering the killings during a March 28 conversation — identifying by name the three men he wanted dead. A woman who was supposed to carry out one of the killings has also been arrested."Randy Broward solicited the murder of three persons by ordering three new members of his gang to find and kill them," according to a criminal complaint filed by a Newport News police detective in General District Court. "All three of the gang members ordered to commit the three murders agreed to commit the murders," the complaint said. "Broward advised each involved gang member that they would meet again to further plan the murders."
But the ordered killings never took place. After being tipped off to the planned slayings, Newport News police raided an apartment on Bellwood Road on March 29, arresting Broward. "These arrests have led to the beginning of an extremely large and very lengthy gang investigation," said Newport News police spokesman Lou Thurston. "This was not a gang that we were currently investigating."The complaint does not spell out whether the three targets Broward wanted dead were members of a rival gang, or why he otherwise sought to have them killed. Broward, the complaint said, told the new recruits that he would provide the guns — a sawed off shotgun and a "five-shot revolver" — to be used in the crimes.

Randy Broward, accused of being one of two leaders — or "Original Gangsters" — in the gang, is charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder; gang participation; gang recruitment; malicious wounding; five gun charges; and cocaine possession. He's accused of punching a new gang member "several times" in the face during an initiation rite.
His twin brother, Andy D. Broward, 32, of Briarwood Road in Hampton, is charged with gang participation; gang recruitment; two gun charges; possession of narcotics; and driving on a suspended license. Precious Nikita Moore, 21, of Portsmouth — a new recruit who police say was supposed to carry out one of the killings — was charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder; gang participation; and gang recruitment.
The charges, Thurston said, could go forward in either the state or federal system. Thurston said that as the case is investigated and developed, "there very well could be additional arrests."

Monday, 5 April 2010

"I'm terrified of being incarcerated," Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada told the Mexican news magazine, Proceso

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"I'm terrified of being incarcerated," Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada told the Mexican news magazine, Proceso, adding that he would even contemplate suicide if he was about to be caught. "I'd like to think that yes, I would kill myself."Zambada and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who allegedly control the Sinaloa cartel, are Mexico's two most-notorious fugitives, with a $2 million reward offered for information on their whereabouts.Zambada offered to meet with Proceso founder Julio Scherer, saying he always wanted to meet the journalist. He gave specific directions on when and where the interview would take place, the publication said.The magazine offered no other explanation of why a reputed kingpin would give an interview after a lifetime on the run. It is almost unheard for Mexican drug suspects to speak to the media while still free.The offices of Calderon and the Attorney General said there would be no immediate comment on the interview.The magazine published the interview along with a outdoor photograph of Scherer with the mustachioed Zambada, who wore a baseball cap that cast a shadow over his eyes and had his arm around the journalist. Only brush can be seen in the background.Zambada said he had felt the army closing in on him four times and that soldiers had gotten close to Guzman even more often.
"I fled into the countryside. I know the vegetation, the rivers, the rocks, everything," Zambada said. "I'll get caught if I get complacent, careless, just like El Chapo."Guzman, who escaped prison by hiding in a laundry truck nearly a decade ago, has made Forbes magazine's lists of wealthiest and most-powerful people.
"El Chapo Guzman and I are friends and we talk on the phone a lot," Zambada said. He even said he might try to arrange an interview between Guzman and Proceso.Zambada insisted, however, that the drug trade would continue unabated if he was arrested."When it comes to the capos, jailed, dead or extradited — their replacements are ready," Zambada said.Mexican officials blame the Sinaloa cartel for much of the country's staggering bloodshed. Drug violence has killed more than 18,000 people since President Felipe Calderon took office in 2006, and has made the border city of Ciudad Juarez, where Sinaloa is fighting a turf battle against the Juarez cartel, one of the world's most dangerous cities.The interview comes as Zambada's son, Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, faces trial in Chicago on charges that he conspired to import and sell large amounts of cocaine and heroin in the United States. Zambada-Niebla, who has pleaded not guilty, was arrested last year in Mexico City and was extradited to the United States in February.The U.S. indictment accuses both Vicente and Ismael Zambada of using planes, boats, trucks and cars to move nearly $50 million worth of cocaine from Colombia to New York, New Jersey, Chicago and California between August 2001 and June 2002.In the interview, Zambada refused to answer questions about his son, saying only that he "cries for him."In November, a nephew of Zambada, Jesus Zambada Reyes, who had been cooperating with authorities, was found dead in a house in Mexico City in an apparent suicide. Zambada Reyes had been captured in 2008 and accused of smuggling cocaine through Mexico City airports.
Scherer said he and someone sent to accompany him took four cars to a sparsely furnished house where they spent the night. The next evening, he took a long car ride through the mountainous until he reached rustic, two-room house where he met Zambada.Zambada revealed no details about his alleged criminal activities, but offered some insight into his personal life. He said Zambada-Niebla was the oldest of his five children, and that he has five grandchildren and a great-grandson.
He said he had a wife and five other women.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Louis Bizzarro, 24, formerly of 208 State St., will be arraigned on one count of murder at a later date in Superior Court

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reputed Monte Park gang member serving a state prison sentence for a 2005 firearm conviction has been charged with the previously unsolved December 2002 murder of Albert A. "Rocky" Lopes Jr. in New Bedford.Louis Bizzarro, 24, formerly of 208 State St., will be arraigned on one count of murder at a later date in Superior Court, according to The Standard Times.Bizzarro is serving a 12-to-14-year state prison sentence for a 2005 case in which he and two other individuals were stopped in a car with body armor, a .357 Magnum revolver, a .38-caliber revolver, ammunition and black gloves.Bizzarro was riding in a car with George Duarte, 22, of New Bedford, who is also incarcerated and awaiting trial for the Jan. 1, 2008, fatal shooting of 15-year-old Edwin Medina during a New Year’s house party.A grand jury returned its indictment late Wednesday charging Bizzarro with killing Lopes, 34, who was found on the ground near 94 Griffin Court in the Bay Village housing development on Dec. 1, 2002.

Maurice "Papa Joe" Williams guilty of running a drug empire

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Maurice "Papa Joe" Williams guilty of running a drug empire that brought hundreds and possibly thousands of kilos of cocaine to the region over 10 years.Jurors also concluded that Williams, 34, was guilty of conspiracy to distribute narcotics and marijuana, using a firearm during a drug crime and 26 counts of using a phone to distribute drugs.Family and friends of the defendant wept when the decision was announced in U.S. District Court in Columbus. One woman was so overcome that she left the courtroom sobbing as the verdicts were read. Several other supporters followed her.Many in the crowded gallery had attended the entire seven-day trial in the courtroom of Judge Edmund A. Sargus Jr."Keep your heads up," Williams told supporters as he was handcuffed and led from the courtroom by deputy U.S. marshals.
Federal prosecutors were "thrilled" with the verdicts, said Assistant U.S. Attorney David DeVillers. He called Williams the biggest cocaine dealer in central Ohio during the past decade.The FBI and Columbus police had been trying to nail Williams and those who worked for him for years and finally charged him after wire-tapping 10,000 phone calls and persuading 11 co-conspirators to testify against him. Thirty people have pleaded guilty for their roles in the operation.The jury began deliberating Wednesday and returned the verdicts yesterday afternoon.The conviction for operating a continuing criminal enterprise, known as the federal "kingpin" statute, carries a sentence of 20 years at minimum to a maximum of life in prison. The other counts carry terms ranging from four years to life. Sargus will set a sentencing date after receiving a presentencing report, which can take about 60 days.DeVillers and Assistant U.S. Attorney Robyn Hahnert had laid out a case against Williams that had the makings of a Hollywood thriller: fancy cars, expensive jewelry, a car chase through Atlanta, drugs stashed in hidden compartments and messages in code.At the center was Williams, who "lived the high life" and had the following of a rock star, prosecutors said."He was easily a millionaire," yet never had a job and never filed an income-tax return, DeVillers said. He had a home on Columbus' North Side and in Georgia, officials said.Williams hardly ever touched the cocaine himself or, later, the marijuana he brought to the area, prosecutors said.
"This sends a message that you can't insulate yourself by using mules," DeVillers said of the verdicts. "You can't just use other people and hope that they'll do the time for you."The government built its case on recorded phone conversations between Williams and his assistants, conversations about "Smokey Robinson" or "nifty," both code words for marijuana, and a "piggie," the code for a pound of drugs.
Police surveillance put Williams at area stash houses where drugs were brought in from Detroit, Atlanta or Houston and distributed to dealers.And co-conspirators with names such as "Little D," "Tone" and "Rabbit" testified that Williams called the shots while carefully ensuring that others did the dirty work of picking up and distributing the drugs.Williams' attorneys, Jeffrey Brandt and Matthew Robinson, called no defense witnesses."The government has created a story that can't be backed up," Brandt said in closing arguments. He contended that the taped phone conversations, evidence found by police and surveillance weren't enough to convict Williams without corroborating witness testimony.And those witnesses, he said, couldn't be trusted to tell the truth because they were trying to minimize their own prison time by testifying against Williams.

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