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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

One dead in downtown shooting

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One dead in downtown shooting: "Portland police say an apparent gang-related shooting left one man dead early Sunday morning in downtown Portland.
Another man was wounded in what police say may or may not have been another incident.
On Monday, police said the victim was 19-year-old Andre Dupree Payton of North Portland.
Officers were clearing a disturbance at Northwest Third Avenue and Couch Street at about 2 a.m. Sept. 26, when they heard gunshots coming from the area of Second Avenue and Couch Street and saw several people running away.
Additional officers responded and found Payton lying in the street suffering from a gunshot wound. He was taken to Oregon Health and Science University Hospital, where he later died from his injuries."

Cops bust gangsters in Northern B.C. | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

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Cops bust gangsters in Northern B.C. | Canada | News | Toronto Sun: "Game Tight Soldiers' stranglehold on organized crime in Prince George has been loosened during a recent police sting.
Mounties say that 'Original Gangster' Eric James Fike, 30, is facing 25 charges after a three-day investigation into the northern B.C. gang.
Fike and a woman were arrested after allegedly retrieving a bag containing two loaded handguns, a sub-machine gun and eight ounces of cocaine from a wooded area.
Police also raided a home on Gauthier Road and seized cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other drug trafficking paraphernalia.
Investigators matched fingerprints at the scene to another member of the Game Tight Soldiers, who is also linked to the Prince George Renegades motorcycle gang."

BBC News - Court told blackmail accused is 'criminal gang leader'

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BBC News - Court told blackmail accused is 'criminal gang leader': "Police believe a man charged with blackmail is the leader of an organised crime gang, a court has heard.
Police objected to bail, claiming there was a risk the 39-year-old would interfere with witnesses.
He was remanded in custody along with his co-accused, 38-year-old William Barker from Filbert Drive in Dunmurry.
Mr Barker, who was also charged with two counts of blackmail, did not make an application for bail.
A lawyer for Christopher Notarantonio claimed the police had 'absolutely no evidence' linking the accused to the blackmail, and argued that the case against him was circumstantial."

$250,000 bail set for 3 men charged in a carjacking :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime

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$250,000 bail set for 3 men charged in a carjacking :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime: "Three gang members who allegedly carjacked a man in the Back of the Yards on Saturday were all held on bail of $250,000 Sunday.
Candelario Ramirez, Martin Ramirez and Hector Dominguez — all alleged members of the Latin Saints street gang — dragged the 20-year-old victim from his Dodge Magnum as he arrived at his workplace Saturday, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Gerardo Tristan said. The suspects are in their 20s and from the Back of the Yards.
When the man denied being a gang member, they beat him up on the 2100 block of West 47th Street, then stole his car, Tristan said."

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Metro Vancouver gangsters export drug war to Prince George

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Metro Vancouver gangsters export drug war to Prince George: "'I don't want to be the next one f—ing shot man,' he said. 'It is a big war right now.'
He explains that the Game Tight Soldiers (GTS) run the shacks on two streets in the Hood — and the Independent Soldiers (IS) run them on two other streets. Both gangs originated in Vancouver, but have shifted north to Prince George. They are in conflict over buyers and territory in this poor, downtrodden neighbourhood of simple homes built under the Veterans Land Act.
The man tells Jordan he likes the crack sold by the IS because it's purer and better. The GTS mixes theirs with other drugs, including speed. But he wouldn't want to be in debt to the Independent Soldiers because of their reputation for brutality.
'They will cut your finger off for $20,' he told Jordan. 'These two gangs are both run by young kids and they are running around with guns.'
Shootings. Murders. Mutilations. The escalating gang activity in this northern hub has come from Vancouver gangs moving in and setting up shop, importing their ruthless tactics, their drugs and their guns.
And that has brought the Metro Vancouver-based Gang Task Force to town for the second time in two months, bringing their techniques of public bar checks, street enforcement and intelligence gathering."

Daniel crime clan pole dancer in the dock after cocaine bust - The Daily Record

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Daniel crime clan pole dancer in the dock after cocaine bust - The Daily Record: "POLE-DANCING member of the Daniel crime clan has been busted with cocaine.
Aileen Daniel was caught with a £2000 stash of drugs when police stopped her car on the A801 near Bathgate, West Lothian.
The 28-year-old was charged with possession with intent to supply.
Daniel – a niece of crime boss Jamie Daniel, 52 – appeared at Livingston Sheriff Court on Thursday, where she admitted the dealing rap. She was arrested three days before Christmas.
Details of the case are still unknown as her legal team are thrashing out a deal with Crown Office prosecutors. An underworld source said: “We’re not sure if the drugs were part of her own business or the family enterprise.”
Daniel, who admits being scared of her dad Norman, 57, a leading member of the crime clan, could be jailed when she is sentenced next month."

Friday, 24 September 2010

'Yardies' targeted in second day of crack cocaine raids - News

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'Yardies' targeted in second day of crack cocaine raids - News: "Officers swooped on addresses in the Leith area at 6am this morning in a bid to round up more suspects identified by a six-month covert investigation.

More than 100 officers were involved in the raids under Operation Advance, which targeted gangsters who have moved to Edinburgh from the English Midlands, including Birmingham.

Seven people were detained following today's blitz across a number of addresses in the area. Police confirmed that 'a quantity' of drugs had been seized.

It follows a series of raids on five addresses in Leith yesterday, which saw 15 people taken into custody.

Around £2000 of cocaine, heroin and herbal cannabis was recovered yesterday along with a sum of cash.

Many of the suspects arrested were set to face charges at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today.

Police are now carrying out extra high-visibility patrols in Leith to reassure the community, while officers are also making visits to schools in the area to promote drug awareness.

NHS Lothian is also set to provide support for crack users whose supply has been cut off by the arrests."

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Gangster parrot arrested after working as drugland look-out -

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Gangster parrot arrested after working as drugland look-out - "parrot 'working' for Columbian gangsters has been arrested after police discovered that it had been trained to squawk the words 'Run, run, you are going to get caught' if and when the police ever arrived on the scene. Get your 'life behind bars' and 'jail-bird' jokes ready and waiting please, gentlemen.

The parrot, who is called Lorenzo, didn't manage to warn his bosses in time to get away with the goods, alas, as the Colombian city of Barranquilla saw an undercover drugs raid of a local cartel successfully carried out, with motorcycles, assault rifles and a large quantity of marijuana being seized by officials.

'Run, run, you are going to get caught' has been on Lorenzo's lips / beak nigh-on constantly now he's in police custody. Police colonel Freddy Veloza has said: 'He spent the whole morning saying that'. Probably because he's surrounded by all you coppers, we reckon."

Man tells of gangster-style shooting: News24: South Africa: News

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Man tells of gangster-style shooting: News24: South Africa: News: "An Eersterust man on Monday told the North Gauteng High Court how he found his friend with a bullet wound between the eyes after a gangster-style shooting in which he was also shot in the face.
'At one stage I looked right into his eyes. I could see that he wanted to shoot me,' Envour Schwartz told the court of the attack outside a block of flats in Eersterust in April 2008.
His assailant was pointing a gun between his eyes.
'I decided to duck, but his hand came down to my jaw and he pulled the trigger. The bullet went right through my jaw and came out under my chin.'
Swartz said he managed to get away, but his alleged assailant, Donnel Sauls, kept shooting at him until he was out of sight."

these little bros did a mission Refusing ‘mission’ can mean death, ex-gangster testifies | Winnipeg | News | Winnipeg Sun

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Refusing ‘mission’ can mean death, ex-gangster testifies | Winnipeg | News | Winnipeg Sun: "In the violent world of inner-city gangs, refusing to carry out orders can mean death at the hands of your own gang brothers, jurors were told Monday.
“When these guys tell you to do something you do it,” Rodney Flett testified Monday.
The former Indian Posse member was testifying at the trial of two men accused of shooting and killing drug dealer and reputed Manitoba Warrior Thomas Roy (T. T.) Phillips outside a Magnus Street crack house in March 2007.
The two accused were 16 and 17, respectively, at the time of the killing and cannot be identified.
Flett said he and the older accused were “shooting the s---” when he admitted to the killing, claiming it was ordered by a high-ranking gang member.
“He said (the gangster) ordered them to do it, that this Warrior was cutting in on their crack sales in the neighbourhood,” Flett said. “He said they shot him in the head and chest.” Flett said he was at a gang “safe house” shortly after the killing when the high-ranking gangster told him “these little bros did a mission.”
Flett said he participated in gang-ordered “missions” of his own, including shooting up a house and critically wounding a rival gangster.
Refusing a mission can have violent repercussions, including a severe beating “or worst-case scenario, you get killed,” Flett said."

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Suspected gang members arrested following shooting, gang, old, year - News - YumaSun

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Suspected gang members arrested following shooting, gang, old, year - News - YumaSun: "Arrested were 21-year-old Jesus Antonio Gutierrez, 20-year-old Obed Sandoval and 19-year-old Enrique Cuevas. They were arrested on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and discharging a firearm at a residential structure.

They were also charged with discharging a firearm at a nonresidential structure, criminal damage and participating in a criminal street gang.

“There is information that leads us to believe this is gang-related,” said Officer Leanne Worthen, a spokeswoman for the Yuma Police Department. “And it involved gang members.”

Worthen said officers responded to the area of 6th street and 12th Avenue at about 6:46 p.m. in reference multiple reports of shots being fired.

She said the initial investigation into the shooting revealed there was a disturbance in the area involving the discharge of firearms that resulted in one person receiving minor injuries that were not life-threatening."

Latin Kings member convicted of attempted murder, faces life imprisonment | |

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UPDATE: Plainfield Latin Kings member convicted of attempted murder, faces life imprisonment | | "reputed leader of a local Latin Kings gang set is facing life in prison after being found guilty of attempted murder in connection with a brutal 2008 stabbing, authorities said.A Union County jury needed only four hours to find Francisco Demoscoso, 36, guilty of first-degree attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons offenses, according to the Union County Prosecutor's Office.
Demoscoso and fellow gang member Jorge Acosta were arrested following an extensive joint investigation by the Plainfield Police Division and county authorities. Acosta was convicted of assault in connection with the stabbing, which occurred during the early hours of Jan. 26, 2008, according to the investigation.
It was then that the stabbing victim, a 22-year-old Plainfield resident, had an altercation with Demoscoso and Acosta outside of the Chez Maree nightclub on Watchung Avenue, authorities said.
When the victim ran from the altercation, he was chased down by Demoscoso and Acosta, according to the prosecutor's office. Acosta assaulted the victim and Demoscoso repeatedly stabbed him in several areas on his body, leaving him on the street to die, authorities said.
According to the investigation, a citizen flagged down a passing police car as the victim pleaded 'don't let me die.'' The man was airlifted to a local hospital and regained consciousness only after extensive trauma surgery, authorities said."

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Colombia drug trade knows no borders - Washington Times

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Colombia drug trade knows no borders - Washington Times: "drug traffickers are turning Ecuador into a key transit point for cocaine, largely because the Colombian government has taken greater control of its territory.
In 2009, according to U.S. State Department statistics, anti-drug police in Ecuador uncovered only seven cocaine laboratories, while drug seizures - 43.5 metric tons for the year - rose 98 percent over 2008 levels.
Complicating matters, criminal gangs that feed off the cocaine trade have brought instability and insecurity to peasants living in this remote area of muddy rivers, swamps and impenetrable vegetation. A U.N. report has described the provinces of northern Ecuador as a place of mass killings and insecurity.
'Ecuador is really a victim of geography,' said Jay Bergman, Andean regional director for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). 'It is sandwiched between the two largest cocaine-source countries in the world: Peru and Colombia.'
The U.S. government spent nearly $8 million in 2009 to train and equip Ecuadorean police, military and judiciary members to fight criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking, said Wes Carrington, a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Quito, Ecuador. An additional $1.7 million was spent to aid the Ecuadorean National Police and to share information to fight drug-trafficking networks."

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ex-gangster's wife charged with having sex with boy, 16

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Ex-gangster's wife charged with having sex with boy, 16: "Months after a former Gambino gangster credited his loving wife with saving him from a life of crime, his wife has been charged with a crime herself - having sex with a 16-year-old boy.
Stephanie Finnerty, 42, of 3959 Greentree Dr., Oceanside, pleaded not guilty Friday to third-degree rape and second-degree criminal sex act."

Friday, 17 September 2010

Seven years for gangster in 'Wild West' shooting | News

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Seven years for gangster in 'Wild West' shooting | News: "GANGSTER who exchanged gunshots with rivals using a converted pistol linked to 10 shootings across London has been jailed for seven years.
Terrified residents looked on as Damien Meade, 23, returned fire with a starting gun converted to shoot live rounds as incoming bullets peppered a car in the 'Wild West'-style shoot-out.
The hooded thug fled on a bike from the scene in Clapton, pursued by a police squad car, but crashed while trying to thrown the weapon away.
Officers recovered the gun and believe it had been rented out to criminals from an underworld armoury. Meade, of Hoxton, pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court to possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, possessing a prohibited weapon and possessing ammunition without a certificate.
Judge John Lafferty told him: 'An extended sentence will protect the public from the risks you pose.'"

Legs Diamond, the infamous gangster, being celebrated in Cairo

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Legs Diamond, the infamous gangster, being celebrated in Cairo: "Legs Diamond, who was also known as Jack Diamonds, was an infamous gangster. He is being celebrated in the tiny town of Cairo, New York. Born in Philadelphia, Legs Diamond was of Irish descent. Diamond’s real name was Jack Moran.
The noterity came to his way because of his longevity in the life of criminal world and most importantly to the fact that Legs Diamond survived more than one assassination attempt. Initially he served in the US army but got deserted and convicted in 1918.
The moment he was released from jail, Legs diamond got hired by Jacob Orgen as an assassin and his personal bodyguard. Legs Diamond was shot twice while he was protecting his master from murder’s attempts.
He was also known due to selling alcohol in Manhattan. This way he created enmity with other gangsters in town like Dutch Shultz."

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Married to the mob Natasha Moradian to her husband, the West Pennant Hills drug boss Alen 'Fathead' Moradian

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Married to the mob: "police released an email from Natasha Moradian to her husband, the West Pennant Hills drug boss Alen 'Fathead' Moradian. Natasha was upset because Fathead had been attracting attention to the family cocaine import and distribution business by boasting.
'Why do you just sit there and show off – 'I am the man, I am the man.' Do you see Tony Soprano doing that?' she wrote. (It remains unclear why she needed to have this heart-to-heart by email.) 'He points it all off on a junior for a reason, to take the heat away from him. He doesn't care who people think is the boss – papers [that is, money] is his No. 1 priority. You on the other hand want the attention, you get a big head, you love it. People like that won't survive.'"

Monday, 13 September 2010

Veteran gangster survives botched assassination bid outside his home - National News, Frontpage -

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Veteran gangster survives botched assassination bid outside his home - National News, Frontpage - "VETERAN gangster denies he was targeted by a gunman who tried to shoot him in the head.
The attempted murder failed when the would-be assassin's gun jammed and he fled the scene on foot.
The lone gunman was subsequently chased by his intended target but he managed to flee the scene.
Gardai are now investigating the incident, which occurred on Furry Park Road, Killester, on Dublin's northside at around 10.30am on Saturday.
The 63-year-old target was a former mentor to crime boss Eamonn Dunne, who was murdered earlier this year.
However, he is denying there was any attempt on his life at the weekend.
The intended target left his red-brick house mid-morning and the gunman, who had been lying in wait in bushes opposite the house, jumped out as the man walked outside. It is believed the would-be killer had kept his intended victim under surveillance for some time and was unmasked when he confronted him.
The gunman pointed the weapon at the man and tried a number of times to pull the trigger. However, his assassination attempt failed when his gun jammed each time."

Bloods leader gets 50 years | The Suffolk News-Herald

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Bloods leader gets 50 years | The Suffolk News-Herald: "leader of one of Tidewater’s most violent gangs will now spend most of his life behind bars,” MacBride stated in the release. “This gang infiltrated neighborhoods with drugs and kept them in fear through murder and violent intimidation. We will continue to work with federal and local law enforcement partners to take gang members off our streets and make our citizens safer in their homes and communities.”
The combined gang that Spaights helped lead operated in various neighborhoods in Portsmouth, Suffolk and Chesapeake.
According to court documents, Spaights and two others drove around the Craddock area of Portsmouth on Oct. 16, 2006, looking for someone who was a witness to the murder of Darius Powell, who had been killed by the gang because members thought he had helped rob gang members at a Craddock dice game.
When the witness was located, gang members chased him down with their vehicle, and Spaights shot at him with a 9mm handgun, but missed. During the chase, Spaights’ vehicle crashed into a residence and he and the others fled the scene. Spaights, however, dropped the handgun, which was later recovered by Portsmouth police.
Spaights and seven other members of the Bloods and the Nine Tech Gangsters were arrested in an April sweep resulting from an investigation that included the FBI, the Virginia State Police and the Suffolk and Portsmouth police departments."

Alleged Fall River gang leaders plead not guilty to charges of attempted murder - Fall River, MA - Wicked Local Fall River

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Alleged Fall River gang leaders plead not guilty to charges of attempted murder - Fall River, MA - Wicked Local Fall River: "alleged leaders of the Mafioso street gang, pleaded innocent Friday to charges of attempted murder for a 2005 shooting.

Michael Peralta, 28, and Nigel Vaughn, 25, were ordered held without bail by Superior Court Judge Robert Kane. They are scheduled for bail hearings on Oct. 13.

Bail, however, is academic for both men. Peralta, identified as the founder and leader of the Mafioso gang, was convicted in 2007 on gun charges and is serving a 15-year sentence. Vaughn was convicted in 2007 of attempted murder for the April 12, 2005, shooting of three men at Larry’s Sports Pub on Morgan Street. He is serving a 20-year sentence.All three men survived in the Larry’s Pub shooting.

At Vaughn’s trial, witnesses testified Vaughn became enraged after one of the three men knocked a sweater belonging to Vaughn’s girlfriend from a bar stool to the floor.

Both Peralta and Vaughn were identified as leaders of the Mafioso street gang, a group of young men and women that was based in Fall River and was once considered the most dangerous and violent street gang in the city.

Police say the Mafioso gang that existed in 2005 is now defunct.

Peralta and Vaughn were indicted Aug. 25 by a grand jury for the attempted murder of two men who were shot on the boardwalk about 250 feet north of the Regatta Night Club on Davol Street at 2 a.m. on March 27, 2005.

Jared Robinson, 28, also formerly of Fall River and also an alleged former Mafioso leader, was indicted by the grand jury. Robinson is scheduled for arraignment on Sept. 23."

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Darren Mathurin - a new life and identity in return for becoming Britain's first black supergrass.

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Darren Mathurin - a new life and identity in return for becoming Britain's first black supergrass.

After his conviction in a murder, Darren Mathurin told the police he was prepared to give information on gangland murders and details of his own lifetime of robbery, drug-dealing and gang-related violence

Jahmall Moore and his friend Sean Cephanis had been celebrating at a family party near Willesden Green in north London. At about 11.30pm on that January evening in 2005, Cephanis left the address, driven off in a taxi. Grainy CCTV footage recovered later by police showed four hooded men walking in the darkness towards the house. The men see the taxi pass. They then move off camera, continuing towards the house.

They had come in search of Cephanis, but once there spotted 24-year-old Moore and turned on him instead. He was with his girlfriend getting a case of beer from his car. Three guns blazed and 16 shots were fired, peppering the silver Renault Mégane.

The dramatic CCTV footage then shows the four men running away, at least one of them still carrying a gun glinting in the streetlights.

Although hit by five bullets, Moore managed to dive away from the car and roll down a bank, followed by his uninjured girlfriend. Lying at the bottom of the bank with his life ebbing away, Moore called 999 on his mobile phone: 'I need an ambulance - quick,' he groaned 'I've been shot... I'm in a back garden... Quick, please I'm dying... Please... help.'

He is then heard naming one of the shooters.

'It was Rufus, you know... Rufus shot me.'

A male voice is heard saying that Moore's breathing is becoming difficult, and then his girlfriend breaks down, crying and screaming, 'Please help him... You can't leave me Jahmall!'

On the face of it, this was just another brutal tit-for-tat killing between feuding gangs. But for police officers from Operation Trident, who deal exclusively with gun crime in London's black communities, it was a turning point. It was the moment they found their first black supergrass.

Darren Mathurin, 24, had driven the killers to the scene of Moore's murder. After reading a description of the van he had used in a local newspaper, Mathurin drove it to east London to burn it and destroy fingerprint and DNA evidence. He doused the vehicle with petrol and lit it, but the explosion blew off his woolly hat and badly burned his legs. He went to hospital by cab with his legs poking out of a window to cool them and dull the pain.

Mathurin (centre, with face obscured to hide his identity) with Damian Williams (far left, with tie) and Gavin Grant (second from right, in check shirt), who were later jailed for murder. (The three other men pictured were not involved in crimes reported here)

Police found Mathurin's DNA on the hat. They had already identified 'Rufus' - the nickname of Roberto Parchment. On the night of the murder both men had left their mobile phones switched on, allowing police to place them at the scene. After a two-year investigation, Parchment and a third man, Romain Whyte, were found guilty of killing Jahmall Moore. Mathurin was convicted of conspiracy to murder. Two other men, Sean Bennett and professional footballer Gavin Grant, who had played for Millwall and would later sign for Bradford City, were cleared.

After his conviction Mathurin told the police he was prepared to give information on gangland murders and details of his own lifetime of robbery, drug-dealing and gang-related violence.

It was what the police had longed for, a chance to get inside a closed world. It was even hoped that he might set an example for others to follow - to cooperate with and give information to the police. But the plan was to backfire spectacularly, costing taxpayers an estimated £500,000.

Mathurin did not decide to help the authorities for altruistic reasons. The simple fact was that he'd finally become a victim of what he called his 'dog-eat-dog' world. To get his sentence reduced and avoid leaving prison a middle-aged man, he was prepared to betray his former friends and associates.

After overcoming numerous legal obstacles, I broke the story in The Mail on Sunday. I saw Mathurin sentenced and have since sat through two murder trials where he gave evidence for the prosecution.

The vast majority of previous supergrasses had not been implicated in murder cases. Deals were normally hammered out after a criminal had been arrested but before they were put on trial. As well as becoming the first Trident supergrass, Mathurin is also believed to be the first person to get such a deal after being found guilty. Approval for this unusual move was given by the then director of public prosecutions, Ken MacDonald, and was a sign of the Government's determination to make inroads into tackling the escalating problem of black-on-black shootings.

But the deal has since turned sour, much to the embarrassment of police and prosecutors.

'He was a disaster in front of juries,' admits one Trident officer.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

$1,000 reward Monday for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in a possible gang shooting

Posted On 09:42 0 comments

Law enforcement officials offered a $1,000 reward Monday for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in a possible gang shooting that occurred in Reno on Sept. 5.

On Sunday at approximately 5:30 a.m. Reno police officers responded to a call of shots fired, and found a male victim with gunshot wounds to his upper torso at 50 East Grove Street.

Witnesses say the victim was shot outside of a nightclub when he walked out with his friends after he and the suspected shooter had had an argument inside.

Police received no information on the suspect, but the Gang Unit is investigating. The victim's name has not been released.

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